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Groups in EndNote Online

Groups in EndNote Online

It is recommended to have one overall EndNote Library for all your references, and to use the Groups feature (like folders) to organise your references as needed.  

Why groups?

The Groups feature allows you to create mini libraries within your master library. Records imported from databases will first go into the [Unfiled] group and you can then copy them into your other groups or create new group(s) for them. You should move them from Unfiled into other groups as soon as you can.

Adding to groups

You can copy existing references to a group by checking the box next to a single reference or checking the 'All' or 'Page' box to add multiple references. 
To add to an existing group select the group from the Add to Group drop down menu. The reference(s) will appear automatically in the group.  
To add to a new group or choose 'New Group' from the drop down menu and give the group a name. The reference(s) will appear the group.  
The original reference(s) remain in your All My References library.

Manage your Groups

To delete, rename and share groups of references, choose: Organize - Manage My Groups


The following screenshots illustrate the features above.





Sharing Groups

Sharing is useful for group work or if you wish a tutor to see the references you have found for an ongoing assignment.  

Clarivate Analytics (EndNote suppliers) have a short page on Sharing Groups from which these instructions are taken.

  1. In Organize - Manage My Groups - select the group[s] to share and click on 'Manage sharing'
  2. Select 'Start sharing this group'
  3. On the next screen, enter the emails of those you wish to share with
    • These need to be existing Endnote Online users or to then set up their own accounts to enable viewing of the results
  4. Set the required enablements: ie, allow others to just read or read and write

File-sharing is not enabled by EndNote: this prevents breach of copyright and licensing agreements.

The following screenshot illustrates part of the sharing process.


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